How many companies are thinking that their products deserve better user interfaces? That displays, buttons, joysticks could be more pleasant, and immediate, and straightforward? 

It should not be needed to take a degree in using interfaces, you might think... Nevertheless, it is usually like that. 

For this reason, we support those companies that want to make it simple and straight, because they know that when products and technologies have good user interfaces they are appreciated by customers, and by companies as well. 

They boost customer loyalty and they boost companies in getting higher quality degrees and competitive strenght.


Our core business are user interfaces and human-machine interaction. We want to improve the interaction between users and technologies in different contexts of use (e.g. industrial, leisure time, and households). 

To gain a good interaction result, we have build up a set of competences that we call Interaction Engineering.

We do not only provide useful design reccomendations, we rather follow and stick to the entire process, from the first design concepts down to the final product implementation, no matter if it is an in-vehicle display, an on-board navigator, an appliance dashboard, or the interface of an Emergency Control Room. Everything that is in relation with a user has an interface and we work on that.

RE:Lab was founded in 2004 as a spin-off of the Human-Machine Interaction research group of the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia ( 

Since 2008, it is a fast-growing company that can count on a mix of ergonomics, usability and technical knowledge that we call Interaction Engineering.

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